Kenya to host pilgrimages to origin of humankind

Kenya is set to host pilgrimages from all over the worldas campaigns to position the country as a home to humankind gain momentum.

The Turkana boy will next month be unveiled in Turkana county setting stage for the campaigns that were launched during the 2015 International Tourism Bourse (ITB), in Berlin Germany.

The Turkana Boy was discovered by a Kenyan, Mr Kamoya Kimeu working together with Dr. Richard Leakey in 1984. It is known as having existed some 1.6 Million years ago.

This young boy of about 9 – 12 years of age and 1.6 meters tall is the only almost complete skeleton of a human related fossil ever found in the world.

East African Affairs Commerce and Tourism Cabinet Secretary Mrs Phyllis Kandie who led the Kenyan trade from the tourism sector at the International Tourism Bourse (ITB) in Berlin Germany held between 4th to 8th March 2015, said that Kenya’s story as the origin of humankind has gone unnoticed.

“We are here today to announce to you that we shall be part of the Nations hosting pilgrimages from all over the world but more importantly a pilgrimage to trace one’s origin in Kenya,” the Cabinet Secretary told the international media at a Kenyan exhibition stand.

Kandie noted that besides beach and safari that Kenya is known for, it was time to diversify the products and showcase the uniqueness of the destination adding that the launch of campaigns on Kenya as origin of humankind will mark a new strategy to market unique products.

The CS called on the Counties to identify their different uniqueness in terms of tourism product offerings in line with the strategy to showcase product diversity.

“We are calling on the counties to work closely with KTB in packaging and promoting tourism products existing in their counties,” says the CS.