KTB woo partners to boost medical tourism

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Kenya Tourism Board has partnered with A&K Global Health to position Kenya as the choice destination for health tourism in the region.

With growth in technology, high quality & specialised medical practitioners and top of the range facilities and accommodation in the country, many patients in in the East African region are now opting to come into the country as it is nearer home for the same medical treatment they seek abroad.

“The signing of this MOU is a step towards growing the number of visitors coming into the country and growing the revenue contribution from medical tourism, which has great potential,” said KTBs Managing Director Muriithi Ndegwa.

A&K Global Health Kenya has in the past couple of years been working on bringing patients from five key regional countries into Kenya for medical treatment. The patients, who mainly travel on Kenya Airways, an A&K partner, are mainly drawn from Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Rwanda and South Sudan and mostly seek medical services that include vitro fertilisation (IVF), open heart surgery, cancer treatment, kidney transplant, neurological disorders and diagnostics services among others.

It is estimated that the number of Africans leaving the continent to seek medical services abroad spend an average of between $20,000 to $40,000 (Ksh 184,000 to Ksh 368,000) per visit making this a high revenue earning tourism product.

In the MOU, A&K Global Health Kenya, will seek to market the available medical services, cost and state of hospitals in the country to potential clients in neighbouring countries. This will include preparing health packages from the local hospitals highlighting the key needed medical procedures, wellness packages and diagnostic procedures.

A&K Global Health Kenya will also be responsible for patient’s logistics that includes the bookings for accommodation and medical billing issues.

“We seek to connect patients to best healthcare options in the country, where they can evaluate the various options of treatment, access a wider range of experts and the best treatment at the lowest cost.”  Said A&K Global Health Kenya, National Director Stephen Masinde.

A&K Global Health was founded with a vision to improve health care access for global patients.