Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2018


MKTE 2018 overall attendance is showing a massive increase of 25% onsite attendance compared to MKTE 2017 actuals on overall attendance. All major categories showed an increase on final statistics.

Exhibiting representatives were up 7,5%. We had 205 Exhibiting Companies as the final count for 2018, this included the participating counties. This is a combination of main and sharing exhibitors.

Hosted buyer numbers are up 9,9%. A total 131 hosted buyers were recorded in 2017 compared to 145 in 2018, representing 25 countries on the hosting programme.

We received 500 applications and the strict evaluation criteria enabled the approval of almost 200 buyers. Those approved buyers who were unable to attend in 2018 are already making plans for MKTE 2019.

International media showed a significant increase of 162%. We had 21 international media in 2018.

Our biggest differentiator in 2018 is the increase in Trade Visitor numbers from 170 to 502, reflecting a huge increase.

This is due to a targeted campaign with KATA members attending the show over the 3 days as well as general show awareness with the trade.

An impressive total of 5520 B2B meetings took place during MKTE 2018. We

had on average 28 meetings per buyer and 50 meetings per exhibitor profile scheduled.