Preparedness will be key for Tourism Recovery

Nairobi, Friday June 05, 2020:

Tourism and hospitality sector players say they will adhere to all set safety and hygiene against covid-19 pandemic protocols to instil confidence to both domestic and international travellers.

According to the sector, the safety measures against corona new normal operating environment is a priority which will be only achieved through a well-defined industry protocols.

The remarks were made during a tourism sector roundtable webinar hosted by the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) that brought together industry players to deliberate on the sectors preparedness for resumption.

“The opening of travel will begin with domestic, here we should begin to show our preparedness and that we are ready to make sure that they are safe within our facilities” Said KTB CEO Dr Betty Radier

She pointed out that already facilities were picking and embracing hygiene and preparedness protocols. “we have been able to see that with Nairobi National Park showing clarity in protocols and this has seen an increase in visitor uptake to   the facility.

Hospitality has been among the first sectors in the country to be reopened with eateries and restaurants gradually reopening within set out guidelines of safety. This has not however been smooth with the sector not being comfortable within the guild lines that are stifling business to operate.

Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers and Caterers (KAHC) CEO Mike Macharia on his part said that he was confident that the industry is able to ensure that there is a set of protocols that are strictly adhered to by all to ensure that clients are confident with the services provided.

“As an industry we have come up with a set of protocols. We believe that we can win this fight, we just need to focus.  What is required is communication on behavioural change especially in other subsectors sectors like transport to ensure that the numbers don’t continue to increase”

Alex Gitari the acting Managing Director of the Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) on his part said that the organization is aligned to the measures that have been provided by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

“I want to confirm that all the measures that we have come up with are in line with what ICAO provided. Some of them to mention a few are sanitization from the screening yard to the terminal building. We are also disinfecting the equipment within the airport as well as physical distancing within the premises of the airports” Said Mr Gitari