Tourism opportunities in the ‘new normal environment’

Product improvement and diversification strategy

  • Take advantage of the previously untapped natural
  • Introduce new man-made attractions in different
  • Regulate the operations and investments in the area to ensure proper planning and sustainability of the
  • Identification and promotion of community-based
  • Expand to new segments of existing markets and venture to new
  • Repackage tourism product with local market interests and air adverts on local media to change attitude towards travel and
  • Knowledge capturing and packaging

Digitizing the travel and tourism industry

  • Geospatial presentation of Tourism resources in
  • Digital
  • Digitization of tourism activities in Kenya through creation of more virtual tours/safaris.
  • Introduction of e-commerce in tourism transactions.

Communication and marketing recovery strategies

  • Invest in digital
  • Increase marketing to the existing
  • Ensure targeted actions and enhanced return on
  • Identify and promote new and improved product and link to the
  • Boost consumer confidence through marketing and provision of incentives in order to hasten recovery.

Pricing revision for Tourism Products in Kenya

  • Measuring of Willingness to accept compensation (WTA) and Willingness to pay (WTP) through contingent valuation, experimental auction, conjoint analysis etc.

Domestic tourism growth

  • Put in place marketing activities and incentives that will facilitate domestic
  • Heightened tourism marketing activities to Kenyans through TV, Radio, Internet, Print media, Social media.
  • Target Growing Middle Class – 1,020,681 (36.9%) of employed
  • Propose one week national-wide holiday for all working population during August and December school holidays and Holidays as non-wage
  • Repackage tourism product with local market interests. This can start at the counties’ level up to the national
  • Make domestic travel more attractive through
  • Provision of accessible information and ease of
  • Organized road transport to events and
  • Development of circuits with specific
  • Encourage local
  • Encourage more Kenyans to travel for business and leisure purposes within the
  • Make domestic market economically viable for the private
  • Optimum pricing of the tourism products for the domestic
  • The industry to encourage the frontline employees to travel first to kick-start the domestic offering.
  • Develop a package to use nature trail day long with a distancing
  • Target leisure travelers first as they will have the urge and desire to travel following government restrictions to
  • Sensitize the domestic market on the health benefits of relaxation and rest to stimulate travelling for leisure and
  • Intensify research to establish the needs of the domestic

Regional tourism growth

  • Harmonize the timelines (when to re-open borders) and procedures for border re-openings including quarantine and requirements to protect the health and safety of travelers and citizens.
  • Lay a strong emphasis on regional tourism in Eastern Africa and Africa in general and develop joint marketing
  • Joint packaging of thematic multi-country tour
  • Promote intra-regional travel through reduction of the fare, by reducing
  • Discounts to EAC citizens and have preferential rates for the regional markets for tourist attractions and accommodation facilities in
  • Strengthened partnerships especially for private sector stakeholders i.e. airlines, tour operators, travel agencies and accommodation facilities in the
  • Full implementation of the Single African Air Transport
  • Increase efforts to develop diversified tourism products the regional tourist
  • Allow travelers to switch towards more reputed, trust worthy and low- cost
  • Implement Open Skies policies in the
  • Enhance partnerships with our neighbors (East Africa Community) and the whole Africa.

Boosting consumer confidence

  • Enhance quality service delivery by ensuring compliance with the set standards and
  • Revise pricing for different market
  • Arrangements for customers after the crisis by rescheduling cancelled holidays and flight tickets & ensuring tourists are fully
  • Develop mechanisms for settling disputes and promote fair complaint management for customers.
  • Develop a special video clip advert showcasing the major steps followed when delivering services to visitors (domestic and international) at the entry and exit points to protect them from COVID-19
  • Provision of clear cut details of transportation to designated hospitals to cater to the needs of any victim of COVID-19.