West gate Press statement

Statement by Cabinet Secretary EAC Affairs, Commerce and Tourism, Mrs. Phyllis Kandie

Following the unfortunate attack on Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya on Saturday 21/09/2013, leading to loss of lives and injuries, I wish to update as follows;

The tourism sector joins other Kenyans in condoling the bereaved families including those of foreigners who have lost their lives during the unfortunate West gate attacks.

The attack was a despicable act of cowardice intended to instill fear among Kenyans and our visitors, but the attackers must never be allowed to have their way.

We are hereby therefore affirming that normal activities are going on in all parts of the country despite this grave and enormous challenge.


We wish to assure tourists that Kenya is peaceful and our security agencies are doing everything possible to ensure that every one is safe.

Visitors are thus welcome to visit all our tourist facilities across the country which is operating normally.

Tour operators and travel agents have confirmed that tourism activities continue uninterrupted. The government has also scaled up security in other social places across the country.

Consequently we are extending a hand of welcome to all those arriving from tomorrow to Kenya to attend two critical conferences namely; Africa Hotel and Investment Forum and the Eco tourism and sustainable tourism conference taking place in Nairobi ahead of other upcoming international events to be hosted in the country.

Finally as we thank our international partners for their support and words of encouragement during this difficult time, we appeal to them not to issue travel advisories to their citizens and consider this an isolated incident which has been brought under control.

Mrs. Phyllis Kandie, Cabinet Secretary, EAC Affairs, Commerce and Tourism