Said Athman

Said AthmanSaid Athman is Tourism Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism. He holds a Masters in Regional and Urban Planning, University of Nairobi and an Honorary Building Economics degree from University of Nairobi and studied at the Starehe Boys Centre. He is a Quantity Surveyor, Planner, and Associate Arbitrator, Institute of Arbitrators of Kenya. He has a distinguished career in private, public and development sectors leaving legacy footprints in his contribution. He has previously served in various positions as Advisor to the Cabinet Secretary, Mining Secretary in the Ministry of Mining, Housing Secretary in the Ministry of Housing and Culture Secretary in the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture. He has also served as Chief Executive of the Consortium for the Empowerment and Development of Marginalised Communities (CEDMAC) and Director of Association of the St. John Ambulance in Kenya amongst other senior positions of several organisations. He has chaired a pan-african body Hope for the African Children Initiative (HACI), URAIA (Kenya’s National Civic Education Platform) and has been a board member of other private and development organisations at national and regional levels. He currently serves as Honorary General Secretary of Kenya Arab Friendship Society and Secretary General of the National Union of Kenya Muslims. In the public sector, he has served as a Director of the Board of Tourism Finance Corporation, Kenya Utalii College, Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Kenya National Library Services and the Kenya Cultural Centre.

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