It is about 2019 traveler, are you conversant with the common thread linking the global trends?

In 2019 the tourism consumer is:

  • Wiser; we’re in the everyone’s an expert environment; at the root of this is the almost compulsive need for digital consumers to absorb and share information which is riven with the global reach of the internet.
  • Self Sufficient, consumers are adopting the attitude of “I can look after myself”. Consumers make use of apps and personalization services to create products and experiences uniquely for them. Looking after oneself allows people to be more versatile and expand possibilities and flexibility.
  • Authenticity Driven; consumers are searching for authentic, differentiated experiences which allows them to express their individuality. Consumers in developed and emerging economies are reevaluating their spending habits, away from materialism to simplicity, authenticity and individuality which provide high quality, which convey a certain level of status.
  • Thoughtful: conscious consumers are flexible and chooses for the moment. They’re influential and the trend will spread and expand to other fields related to the sectors ie agriculture, transport, labor etc.
  • Lone Travelers: globally people are bucking the stigma of living alone and embracing their independent lifestyle enjoying the loner living and hence the projected increase in lone traveling experiences.
  • Ageless: we are at an age where the key to winning and retaining loyalty and trust is to develop experiences that are universally accessible even while designed with a particular age group in mind. For instant baby boomers generation (born 1946 – 64) have much in common with the values priorities of the millennials generation (born1980 – 2000). The priority is to look at experiences that balance mental, spiritual and physical needs.

In 2019 the tourism consumer is expected to exert more independence and take control on their choices. They want to get services and experiences seamlessly and easily. They want to make a difference to the world by buying more thoughtfully. They want to look after themselves and sidestep the experts, by taking up the reins of knowledge themselves and driving the consumer conversation more than ever. Therefore, both communication and promotional engagement should be geared towards assuring them of that they’re in control.