Kenya Tourism Board Water Sports- Kayaks

Water Sports- Kayaks

Kenya is home to some of the best water sports in the worlds. Kayaking, rafting, surfing.  How can one buy the best inflatable Kayak to enjoy the expeditions? Start your decision process by answering some basic questions which will help you narrow down the kayak models that are most appropriate for you.

Consider Your Personal Attributes

What are your height, weight, inseam measurements and general condition? If you are a big or very tall man, there are certain kayaks that will suit you better. In fact, this will make your decision easier because finding the right kayak will be more a matter of finding one that handles your size and weight more than anything else. Look for kayaks with lots of leg-room and a weight capacity that will handle you and your gear.

If you are a small to average sized person getting a kayak that’s big, heavy, and has a 600-pound capacity probably is not your best choice. But if you are going to fish in the ocean a very small kayak would not be the best choice either. As you will see choosing a kayak can be a compromise of sorts. As you read on, consider the different factors and consider them while making your choice.

How are you moving it to your destination?

If you are planning to transport your kayak in the bed of a pickup truck a bigger, heavier kayak does not present a problem. However, if you have a large SUV, like a 4WD Suburban, you should be conscious of the kayak’s weight because it will take some extra effort to get the kayak on and off of the roof of such a vehicle. The bottom line is that if your kayak is easy for you to load and unload you will use it more often.

Location. Location. Location

Kenya has a lot of water bodies. Will your kayak be used exclusively in freshwater? If so where? Lakes, ponds, small rivers, and creeks? Will you be fishing large, open bodies of water with lots of waves and chop? Do you plan on using your kayak in saltwater? Do you plan on fishing in the ocean and launching your kayak through the surf? How are you planning to get your kayak to the water? Can you simply drive it to the water and launch or do you plan on launching in remote areas where you can not drive your vehicle to the water’s edge? All these factors are important when choosing your kayak.

Your preferred fishing method

Do you only use one style? Do you use artificial lures, fish with live bait, or both? If you are going to use bait, do you want to use live bait-fish or dead bait? Will you need room for a live-well on your kayak? Do you plan on anchoring and chumming? Do you fly fish? The type of gear you plan on attaching and taking along is going to affect your decision. In short, the way(s) you fish can affect which kayaks are going to better suit your needs.

Having answers to these questions will help you get the best Kayaking experience money can buy.